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About Us

One morning, as I was hurriedly packing lunch for myself and my daughter, I found myself once again standing in front of the giant cabinet stuffed full of kids cups, water bottles, coffee cups, etc.  You know the one... I’m sure you have one too.  I spent several minutes frustratedly digging through piles of mismatched tops, gaskets, straws, bite valves, etc. searching for a pair that would actually fit together.  Now running several minutes late, I tossed a plastic bottle in my daughter’s school bag and ran out the door feeling equal parts victorious (for finally finding a match) and also guilty that I was likely poisoning my 3 year old with all the toxic chemicals that were no doubt now leaching into her water from that nefarious plastic bottle. #momguilt

My guilt and frustration turned to resolve.  I wondered why can’t someone come up with a nontoxic, multipurpose container that has interchangeable components that I can mix and match based on what my needs are?

Later that evening I was packing up leftovers from dinner when I reached for my trusty stash of mason jars.  And right then and there it dawned on me the answer was in front of me.  Mason jars are not only cost-effective, ubiquitous, and universally sized (only 2 lid sizes!) they are also made of non-toxic borosilicate glass right here in the USA.  

And with that was the genesis of what would become JarJackets.  Almost exactly 1 year later we launched.  Our mission is to help you save time and money by simplifying your life and decluttering your pantry.

JarJackets.  Do more with less.