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Silicone Mason Jar Sleeves - 4oz Jelly Jars (6-Pack, Multi-Color)

4oz jelly jars are so versatile on their own, but when you add the protection and insulation of a silicone sleeve, the list goes on and on! They're perfect for taking dressing on the go, dips, sauces, herbs and spices. Many use them for homemade baby food as well. 

Using 4oz Mason Jars for Babies & Toddlers

If you're looking to remove plastic from the kitchen for babies and toddlers, we recommend adding the sleeves to make it safer for your little ones to use glass. Use as homemade baby food jars, or even add a nipple to the top to replace your plastic baby bottles. For toddlers, we recommend our mason jar sippy cup complete with lid and jar.

  • MADE TO FIT - Designed to fit & protect the Ball® or Kerr® brand 4oz Regular Mouth Mason Jelly Jar
  • NONTOXIC - FDA Grade Silicone, 100% Nontoxic, BPA/BPS-free and Phthalate-free
  • SUSTAINABLE - Durable, Reusable, Renewable, Plastic-Free, Waste-Free
  • PRACTICAL - Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe

More About Silicone - Made with reusable FDA grade silicone JarJackets are 100% non-toxic, plastic-free, waste-free, BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free. By eliminating the need for single-function bottles or containers that will eventually end up in landfills JarJackets can also help reduce your carbon footprint.