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Silicone Mason Jar Sleeves - 8oz Jelly Jars (4-pack, Multicolor)

  • MADE TO FIT - Includes 4 silicone sleeves designed to fit the Ball or Kerr brand 8 oz mason jelly jar.
  • NON-TOXIC - This reusable FDA grade silicone jacket is 100% non-toxic, plastic-free, waste-free, BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.
  • ECO-CONSCIOUS - By eliminating the need for single-function plastic cups that will eventually end up in landfills JarJackets can also help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • KID FRIENDLY - Made from lightweight, pliable, and shock absorbent silicone rubber that provides durability and optimal grip. While JarJackets can help significantly reduce the likelihood of breakage, mason jars are made of glass and are not unbreakable.
  • PRACTICAL - Just like mason jars, JarJackets are dishwasher, microwave, & freezer safe so you will never have to compromise convenience to make a better choice for the planet and your child’s well being.

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