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The Best Sustainable Meal Prep Containers

February 10, 2021 2 min read

Various photos of glass food storage containers including mason jars with JarJackets silicone sleeves, and glass divided bento boxes. All with food inside.

If you’re old enough to remember Tupperware, then you might have memories of your mother’s drawer full of brightly colored plastic bowls in all sizes and shapes.

Was it BPA free?

Was it dishwasher or microwave safe?

What exactly was it made of?

These were questions we did not ask. Because that was the era where plastic seemed like the answer to everything.

Now think to your grandmother’s or your great-grandmother’s kitchen. Open the fridge and you’d find jams and pickles she made herself — all stored in glass.

Turns out, grandma had it right. With that in mind, here are four of our favorite containers used for meal prep (they can be used for leftovers too, of course, or many other purposes).

Meal Preparation Tools and Mason Jars

It can be no surprise, given our total love for Mason jars, that we would list these first. From 4-ounce cuties to 32-ounce behemoths, there is a jar just right for every kind of food prep and storage.

A 16-ounce jar, for example, is perfect for single servings of cranberry walnut baked oatmeal, while a 32-ounce jar might work better for soup for the little ones for lunch.

Either way, you can use JarJackets to protect your Mason jars from both bumps and slips. They’re microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, plus 100-percent non-toxic and they last forever.

Other Meal Prepping Tools

As much as we love Mason jars, there are times when another choice might work better (at least that’s what we’ve heard).

Food-grade silicone bags are a great choice because you can reuse them forever and if you’re going for a hike or even just running lots of errands on foot, you might not want the extra weight of glass.

Bento boxes like these are also a good choice for kiddos who don’t like their food to touch (although we did find a good work around with this stack’n’snack strategy.

Meal Planning Strategy

Meal prepping can make life a whole lot easier, healthier and more delicious, but it does require a bit of effort. More tips on that in a prior post.

That effort is worth it, especially when you look in your fridge and see a bunch of make-ahead breakfasts or yummy salads just waiting to be eaten.

Even better, it’ll be just as easy to take your meal on the road as it is to eat at home, especially with a little help from JarJackets.

And you’d make your grandmother proud.

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