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Food-Grade Silicone vs. Plastic

May 03, 2022 3 min read

silicone vs plastic

Americans have come to accept plastic baggies as a kitchen staple, but few of us pause to think before filling them with Goldfish or grapes and then throwing them away.

But here’s an alarming statistic: Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year—that’s more than 300 per every person—and only a fraction of those are recycled. It takes some 500 years for these bags to break down in a landfill and, even when they do, they become microplastics that continue to pollute the environment.

Now here’s the great news: Silicone storage containers are a convenient alternative that won’t hurt you, your family or the environment. And they are virtually indestructible, meaning they won’t harden, rot or otherwise deteriorate over time.

Is Silicone Plastic?

Silicone bags look a bit like heavy-duty plastic, but the two actually have nothing in common beyond their ability to store food.

Plastic can be toxic. Silicone is not. Plastic has limited re-use potential. Silicone can go on strong indefinitely. Plastic sometimes contains a toxic substance called BPA. Silicone never does.

What’s more, silicone is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

While both can be recycled, statistics show that only about 8.4 percent of all plastics are, in fact, recycled.

What is Silicone Made Of?

If silicone is not plastic, what exactly is it? Food-grade silicone (the type used in food storage containers) is comprised of oxygen and silicon, a naturally occurring chemical. You might even remember it as “Si” from the periodic table.

Is Silicone Biodegradable?

Silicone is not biodegradable, but it is easily recyclable. What’s more, its lifespan is exponentially longer than disposable plastics. Whereas an average family could conceivably use thousands of plastic baggies in a year, those same needs could be easily met with less than a dozen silicone storage pieces.


Where to Buy Silicone Storage Bags and Containers

The leading manufacturer of silicone storage containers is Stasher. While their products may seem pricy (approximately $7 for a snack container), a quick calculation proves otherwise. A 40-count box of Ziploc snack bags costs a bit more than $3. After using just two boxes of those, you will have spent enough to buy a Stasher snack container, which will last for years.

More Benefits of Silicone Storage Containers

If you take a minute to compare plastic and silicone, there really is no contest. All that plastic has to offer is the ease of throwing a bottle or baggie away after using it. We all get stuck and do that every once in a while, but don’t want to make it a habit.


Here, in a nutshell, are the advantages of silicone storage pieces:

• Lightweight and easy to take with you

• Made from Silicon, which is an abundant natural resource

• Not only last, but also look good for years

• Non-toxic and BPA-free

• Can be recycled

• Are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe

Good For You and the Earth

It’s tough to be perfect—and none of us are.

But silicone storage containers do get you out of the rut of using and tossing plastics on a daily basis. And it would have a huge effect on our nation’s landfills — and oceans — if more people gave silicone storage containers a chance.

An equally good change is to finally ditch plastic water bottles and throw-away cups. And that’s where the classic Mason jar can come in so handy. They’re perfect for smoothies and juices, we also use them in our mason jar sippy cups or to hold your morning Joe.

JarJackets are just the thing to take your Mason jars to the next level. That’s because these colorful silicone sleeves (which are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe) slip right over the jars, making them easy to grip and quite hard to break. In other words, perfect for both at home and for your next adventure.

Silicone vs Plastic Comparison

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