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Quinoa Power Bowl

August 07, 2022 1 min read

Quinoa Power Bowl

Packed with rich antioxidants, brimming with texture and dripping with unami, this Quinoa Power Bowl recipe is the perfect mid-winter make-ahead lunch. Assemble ahead of time and have a healthy satisfying midday meal at the ready so you can easily avoid temptation.

You may not be able to resist the impulse to capture this one on IG... and we wouldn't blame you! It's no accident that colorful plates are especially pleasing to the eye. The colors serve a nutritional purpose. We always hear the mantra “eat a rainbow” because vegetables from each color and get a variety of important vitamins and nutrients that can nourish your body in different ways and even prevent disease. 

Better yet, the ingredients can be customized to suit your mood or take advantage of whatever you happen to have on hand in the fridge. The key to this recipe is how you assemble it in the jar. Take note of the sequence of how to layer so that your jars will stay fresh (and not soggy) in the fridge.



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