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Blackberry Mojito

September 30, 2017

Blackberry Mojito


In my day signature cocktails were for weddings and holiday parties.  Lately it seems every backyard BBQ or Sunday coffee hour is a perfect excuse to serve up a special elixir "just for such an occasion."  Am I right? I blame Pinterest.  

Nowadays everyone's a mixologist and every picnic, birthday party or potluck isn't worth its salt without the perfect libation accompaniment. But before I climb too far up on my high horse I should mention that this is one trend I'm warming up to.  After all, there are actually a lot of great reasons why serving a signature drink at your next get-together might be something you should consider.

For one, a fun cocktail is a great conversation starter and you can get everyone involved in making their own.  It's also a great way to use up any seasonal produce that you're drowning in from your garden or co-op.  And in addition, it can also be a great way to save money.  Instead of stocking up on multiple varieties of wine, beer, or spirits for your next party you can instead buy a larger (and more economical) bottle of one spirit.  And if it's going to be mixed into a cocktail anyway you can definitely skip the top shelf stuff and save yourself even more money.

This Blackberry Mojito is a crowd pleaser that would be perfect to serve at your next get-together.  It's not terribly difficult to make but it's stunningly beautiful –  especially when served in a mason jar.  Where I live in New England blackberries are abundant in early fall so right now is a great time to snag a punnet of blackberries at a great price.


2 tsp raw cane sugar
1/3 cup blackberries
2-3 lime wedges
4-5 mint leaves
1.5 oz white rum
6oz soda water


Add sugar, blackberries, lime wedges, and mint leaves to a 16oz wide mouth mason jar. Muddle together using the back of a spoon or a cocktail muddler. Add ice and white rum. Top with water and serve.




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