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Layered Chia Pudding with Fruit, Coconut & Cashews

August 24, 2016

Layered Chia Pudding with Fruit, Coconut & Cashews

 I have always loved tapioca pudding. That sweet creamy custard punctuated with little bits of chewy goodness that can magically satisfy all the senses.  As a kid I remember my mother used to serve it warm with a dollop of strawberry jam on top.  So simple.  So perfect.  There is nothing quite like it.

Or is there? This updated guilt-free version is my new go-to morning take along meal.  The best part is that it couldn't be easier or more satisfying.  

This recipe is both gluten free and vegan (because we used almond milk) however you can use whatever kind of milk you have on hand.  Likewise you can substitute the toppings for whatever kind of fruit or nuts suits your fancy.  And the best part is there is no cooking required!

Let us know what other toppings you've tried and liked!



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