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Tailgate Take-along Chipotle Hummus

October 16, 2016

Tailgate Take-along Chipotle Hummus


I will do just about anything to avoid lugging out large kitchen appliances.  I mean really.  I feel like I take my life in my hands every time I have to lug out the food processor, stand mixer, or blender.  Not only are they hugely inconvenient, but the clean-up is a huge hassle.

That's why I am in LOVE with my immersion blender.  I feel like I'm always discovering new uses for it and almost all of them involve a wide mouth mason jar.  This hummus recipe is a great example of one that I'd probably otherwise steer clear of for no other reason than the mess it would create. Not anymore.  

Homemade hummus is so much more delicious than store bought and can easily be thrown together with ingredients I often have on hand anyway.  It's great for a quick snack when unexpected company drops by.  Or take it along to the game or tailgate party for a healthy alternative to the typical grease-laden standbys.  And because I'm a girl who likes my spice, this version has a bit of a kick!  If you prefer a more traditional version, simply hold the chipotle in adobo.



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