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Mason Jar Teacher Gift Ideas

May 04, 2021 3 min read

Mason Jar Teacher Gift Ideas with brightly colored flowers in mason jars with patterned silicone sleeves

What a year it has been for all of us. After a challenging year of distance/online/hybrid learning if you're like most of us you are counting the days until school is out for the summer when you can finally stop stressing about whether or not your child is paying attention on that zoom math class.

But as challenging it has been for us all, I'm sure we'd all agree that our teachers have been superheroes this year. We all have come to have a much deeper appreciation for all our teachers do for our children daily.

So why not find a special way to thank them this year for Teacher Appreciation Week?

That's why we've collected some of our all-time favorite Mason Jar Teacher Gifts to share with you as inspiration for how you might share your appreciation for their herculean work this year.

Mason Jar Teacher Gift #1: Fresh Cut Flowers from Your Spring Garden

What could be simpler and more appreciated than a fresh bouquet of beautiful spring flowers? Flowers always look lovely on a kitchen counter in a simple mason jar -- but add a cheerful colored jar jacket and she can reuse the jar for so many things long after the flowers have faded.

Want to show some more love? Why not clip a clothespin onto the jar with a tag that reads "Thanks for Helping Me Blossom".

BONUS: Less chance the jar will break on the way to school. 

16oz mason jars adorned with JarJackets silicone mason jar sleeves and containing fresh spring flowers in pinks and coral colors.

Give the gift of cheer with Mason Jars + Jar Jackets and Freshly Cut Spring Flowers

Mason Jar Teacher Gift #2: Fresh Herbs in a Jar

Continuing with the springtime garden theme we also love the idea of kitchen herbs in mason jars. They are widely available in supermarkets and garden centers this time of year. Replant them into mason jars fitted with jar jackets and she'll enjoy fresh herbs for weeks to come!

Want to show some more love? Why not clip a clothespin onto the jar with a tag that reads "Thanks for Helping Me Grow".

Two 16oz mason jars fitted with JarJackets silicone sleeves sit on a counter with basil plants planted inside them. Two clothespin tags read "Thanks for Helping Me Grow".

Fresh Herbs are always handy to have on hand in a kitchen. Herbs in mason jars adorned with jar jackets will add protection to the jars and brighten up any room.

Mason Jar Teacher Gift #3: Lavender Lemon Sugar Scrub

Teachers this year could use a little extra TLC. This body scrub smells like heaven and makes your skin heavenly soft. It’s quick and easy to make — and looks absolutely lovely in a Mason jar decorated with a bit of twine and a handmade gift tag.

Two Mason jars are full of a body scrub made with lavender buds. One has a small wooden spoon and bottle of lavender essential oil attached to it with twine.

Lavender is known for its calming properties and lovely scent.


Mason Jar Teacher Gift #4: Chai Tea Kit

Who doesn't love an afternoon cup of delicious Chai Tea? This recipe is delicious, easy to make and sure to be appreciated by your favorite teacher.

Two mason jars are filled with the ingredients needed to make chai tea.

Chai tea is the perfect post-zoom pick-me-up.


Mason Jar Teacher Gift #5: Homemade Nutella

We love Nutella. But we love homemade Nutella even more. Whip up a big batch, big enough to keep some for yourself and give some away as a thoughtful and delicious holiday gift to your favorite teacher.

Two small Mason jars are stacked on top of each other and filled with homemade Nutella.

Homemade Nutella is decadent, delicious and easy to make.

Mason Jar Gift #6: Mason Jar Terrarium

A tiny terrarium — made out of a Mason jar, of course — creates a lovey home for a small succulent plant. It takes just a few moments to make and is an ideal gift for the plant lover teacher.

 Two Mason jars, each with one succulent inside and decorated with twine, a handmade gift tag and a JarJackets silicone sleeve.

A tiny terrarium makes a delightful teacher gift.

Mason Jar Gift #7: Spring Flower Bulbs

Nothing says spring like a bulb in a jar, just waiting to bloom and bring good cheer and beauty to its surroundings. Plus, these only take about two minutes to make.

Two Mason jars are filled with white rocks and flower bulbs.

Good things come to those who wait, including beautiful spring flowers.

Wrapping Your Mason Jar Gift

Make your homemade gift even better by using JarJackets to “wrap” your Mason jar. Sure, they look cute, but they also protect the glass from bumps and slips. And once the contents of the Mason jar have been enjoyed by your favorite teacher, the jar and JarJackets make the perfect combo for taking coffee, a smoothie or even your lunch on the road. Even better, JarJackets are dishwasher and microwave safe — and 100 percent non-toxic and made from earth-friendly materials.

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